Fluorescence Filter

Key Features

  • High passband transmission (T>90%)
  • Excellent blocking (OD>6.0)
  • Hard coatings and no adhesives for long filter life
  • All dielectric coated with IBS technology



  • Fluorescence microscope
  • Co-localization fluorescence measurements
  • Fluorescence In Situs Hybridization (FISH)
  • Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)
  • Gel and spot Imaging comparisons

Factory Standards – Contact us for manufacturing limit or custom specifications.







Fluorescence Filter

Central Wavelength(nm)BandwidthTransmission(%)Thickness(mm)Typical Application
4382490%5.0CEP Excitation
4476090%3.5DAPI Emission
4723090%5.0GFP Excitation
4823590%5.0FITC Excitation
4833290%3.5CFP Emission
5002490%5.0YFP Excitation
5108490%3.5FURA2 Emission
5203590%3.5GFP Emission
5314090%5.0CY3 Excitation
5364090%3.5FITC Emission
5422790%3.5YFP Emission
5432290%5.0TRITC Excitation
5624090%5.0Texas Red Excitation
5934090%3.5TRITC/CY3 Excitation
6244090%3.5Texas Red Emission
6284090%5.0SY5 Excitation
6924090%3.5SY5 Emission


fluoscence filter


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