Partial Reflective Coatings

Partial Reflection (PR) coatings provide attenuation functions and are generally applied to output mirrors of laser cavity. Our company can design the PR coating with reflectance from 10% to 99.7% to achieve the desired performance.

Wideband PR coatings are typically used at 45 degrees angle to the beam splitting of wideband light, such as 50/50,40/60,30/70 with error at around 5%.
There is a kind of super wideband PR coatings that can split beam in a wide light region from UV, visible to infrared. This coating is widely used in optical components.
Factory Standard – Contact us for manufacturing limit or custom specifications.

  • Substrate: fused silica, BK7
  • Surface Figure: < λ/10 @ 632.8nm
  • Surface Quality: 40-20
  • Coating Material Electron beam deposited dielectric multi-layers
  • Chamfer: 0.5mm, 45°
  • Incident: 0°,45°
  • Clear Aperture: > Central 85% of diameter
  • Rear Surface AR Coating R<0.2%


Single Wavelength PR Coatings

Wavelength (nm)Residual Reflectance


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